Hello all,

so my band will start recording soon so I think it's finally time to change those tired tubes and pop in some fresh ones. I'm playing an alder strat with a SD JB in the bridge and a texas special in the neck. I guess the best way to describe my sound would be blues leads and alt-rock rhytm

I love the sound I'm getting however I find my sound is sometimes much much too bright. I plug into the high normal channel and bridge the low normal and high top boost but sometimes my treble is at zero and it's still pretty shrill. The tone cut helps but it's hard to find a middle ground because it gets muddy quickly

Also as it is now, I'm getting preamp distortion when the two channel volumes are at around 10 o'clock, which seems pretty low to me....

Are there tubes that will give me a less shrill sound and breakup a tiny bit later? I'm in canada, if it helps for shipping purposes.


I should mention that I'm very happy to have a bright sound. I don't want a dark sound so much, I just want to not make any eardrums bleed....
ok... Thanks for the suggestion but what's so special about those over others?

Also what about power tubes?
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I'd recommend JJ's.
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I hear they use false bypass switches.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Everyone seems to be agreeing on JJs, so I'll go with those.

Does anyone know of examples where a rock guitarist uses 12au7 or 12at7? I use pedals for my dirt (T-REX mudhoney II) and a jangly bright clean sound is very important for me but would I lose too much gain by switching to one of those tubes?
Here is the description on the eurotubes pages I linked to :

Vox AC30C2 Custom Standard Retube
Price: $81.25
Description: Add some warmth and sparkle to your AC30C2 Custom. A matched quad of JJ EL84's and three ECC83S's with one balanced ECC83S for the phase inverter. Just let us know in the comments section if you're looking for an early breakup, a moderate breakup or a later breakup for more headroom in which case we will choose the coolest grades we have available for the power tubes.

I picked the max headroom option. Works great for me.
I run my amp clean and get my dirt from pedals...

Yeah, I like to have a lot of options

BTW, I have an AC30CCH with a 2x12 cab : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=26372230
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thank you for the website but I found a place that will deliver the tubes I want. The luthier I do business with gets a special price.

That's quite a board you've got there! Mine isn't as impressive

but then again I usually play clean or just distorted, so I wouldn't know what to do with yours :P Got any clips of yourself in action?

Anyone know of rock guitarists using any 12at7 or 12au7? I looked online and couldn't find anything... it's funny how companies will put so much effort associating their product (no matter how insignificant) to an artist (no matter how insignificant) for publicity. And not just guitars but picks, graphite, neck wax (not the dirty kind) strings, pick holders etc... But what artists use which tubes? nothin...

EDIT: Also just out of curiosity, what is the little metal thing circled in red?
No clips. Sorry.
The thing in red is a switch to access the presets on the Nova Delay.
Its kind of a pain in the ass to access those presets the normal way when playing live.
Normally, you have to hold the On stomp switch for like 2 or 3 seconds to put it into preset access mode, then you can cycle through all the presets.
Or you can press the preset switch to put it into preset mode (and that button is not a stompable button, so you can't do it live) and then cycle through the presets

With my mod, All I have to do is step on that other switch and it automatically goes into preset mode and lets me cycle through the presets.
That button is just hooked up to the preset mode button inside the unit.
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I doubt you'll find anything regarding an artist who specifically uses an AT or AU preamp tube. Those are just tubes with slightly less distortion characteristics basically compared to an AX. I believe that an AT is approx 90% of the gain and an AU is 70% of the gain of an AX. They are good for guitarists that require more clean headroom in their preamp.


Otherwise. I suggest you spend $100 or so and get some frickin good tubes. NOS b*tch

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