I have a squier strat that I got last year for like 100 bucks and a few days ago I got a new amp and an epiphone les paul standard but the problem is that my squier strat sounds an awful lot better than my epiphone plugged into the same amp. The strat is easier to play(didn't notice les pauls have fat necks) and my the strings on my epiphone sound dull (especially the g string, it sounds dead....) the truth is that I just grabbed the guitar from the store since it looked so cool and I liked the finish... so my question is that is there any way I can improve the sound of my les paul?

follow up question: can i return my les paul if I already took off the stickers on the back of the headstock
Maybe change the strings and see what happens. But it might be that you just prefer the Strat sound. They do sound pretty different. Strat has single coils, Les Paul has humbuckers. And single coils sound brighter. You may just need to tweak your amp settings because the guitars are different. That's why amps have controls. Not every guitar sounds good through the same settings.

Did you even try the guitar before buying it? Always try before you buy. Not every guitar fits everybody. At least you learn from your mistakes...

You can always ask the music store if you can return the guitar. But first try finding out if you like it or hate it (try different amp settings - and also, does the neck feel awful?). And if you actually hate it, return it.
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I may have missed this, but what amp are you using?

^ single coils sound completely different than humbuckers. Strats and LP's are about as far as it gets.

Amp would probably need tweaking for each guitar. I have gone through a dozen strats have one that i took out a few days ago. I literally probably didn't play it ffor several years. I am more of a Gibson fan, and as well ibanez prestiges.

But you gotta do whats right for you.
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Maybe you're use to the sound of single coils which are sharp in tone, humbuckers are typically fat and dull unless you dial in a different tone in the amp or coil split the humbucker.
put some fresh decent strings on her, and then play around with your amp settings.....single coils and humbuckers have 2 totally different sounds and require tonal adjustment to find the sweet spot!!
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