****, so ive been noticing that after playing guitar where bending plays a big role my fingers have hurt, not from the calluses though, its more like a tendon or joint thing. (i know, two entirely different things)
Ive been playing for a few years and bending was never a problem for me before, i used to be able to play blues for hours. But after one time where i got injured from playing too much for a couple of days in a row, i have been very aware of my technique.
So while paying attention to my bends now, it feels like i might just be using the fingers to bend instead of the arm or wrist or where its supposed to come from. The more i focus on my bending the less im able to do what once came so easy.
So i would very much like any tips.
Good habits are vital in all instruments, it is what separates first chair from second chair.

To help alleviate pains:
I would make sure your stretching your fingers properly. I use that Planet Waves finger worker outer thing, to build up the muscles in my hand. Also, you might want to try some "Sports Version" of "Tiger Balm".

Try this technique:
I try to watch videos of pros when trying to see how to do something. Like when I use to bend, my guitar would stay in place and I would "scratch" my finger to bend the string (like how you do a scratch and sniff).

I noticed a lot of guitarist's guitars moved up and down. I also noticed that they "twist" their wrist to bend the string (much like they do for vibrato) , like if your finger 1 is on the 5th string fret 12, keep your finger arched with out bending it, and turn your entire hand like 45 to 90 degrees, and it bends the string. It also vibratos if you wiggle it.

Compare that to "Scratching with finger" type bending. For small bends the scratch method works, but when doing like 1 1/2 steps over and over, like Chuck Berry, it will get sore.