Hey nice track you have here! The parts that stuck out the most were the intro, the vocals and that solo, great stuff man! The song has good structure to me. The mix was well done too

Can I have a review for my guitar track? Its more on the crunchy/heavy side. The tone is mostly what I focused on to influence the riffs http://soundcloud.com/metal-turtle/glen-blinded-guitar-track
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the beginning sounds quite unique, at least to my ears. I get a Weezer/radiohead vibe from your singing style. The chorus could have had a more interesting guitar-part tbh but you have a good basis to build something on! The ending could be shorter, either that or throw something unexpected in it!

Here is my bands EP: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1618100
Just give critique on as many as you like!
Vocals sound kinda thin. Double tracking them would probably fix that. The chorus is pretty cool, but that last chord seems to hang on a bit long. Transition into the chorus from the second verse is really cool. The guitar solo is alright, but if it had more of a major feel it'd probably be cooler for the song. Background vocals were a good idea for the last chorus. Pretty cool tune, definitely has potential
Well if you wanna double track most effectively, try and rerecord your vocals on another track, as closely as possible, rather than duplicating them(that's what I'd do). My pleasure!