Thought I'd share a project that I'd been thinking about for a while and finally decided to do... Converting my Peavey XXX Super 40 Combo into a head!


1. Hooking up my Marshall cab via the extension jack didn't disconnect the internal speaker

2. Greater flexibility

3. Balancing a combo on a 4x12 is a little awkward...and who doesn't want a cool custom head anyways?

It was my first build of anything like this, so I hope you enjoy!



I got nearly everything I needed from Steamco Music. These guys were fantastic and are highly recommended!

Everything else came from my local Home Depot. I opted for birch for the shell.

Now to build! I first gutted the combo of the electronics and disconnected the reverb tank and speaker.

I didn't bother with any fancy joint work and just built a very basic box using the birch. However, I did reinforce it with a few screws.

A few more cuts for a front grill, bar, interior mounts, and back pieces. I used a lighter wood for these as to reduce the weight of the head.

Used an old router to round the edges of the shell. This thing hadn't been touched in years. I made sure to remove my screws along the edge prior to rounding. I ended up using a dremel to file them down a bit when I stuck them back in.

Edges rounded and some interior mounts screwed in.

Painted the interior black.

Hagstrom Viking, Peavey XXX Super 40, Marshall 1960a Cab
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Painted my front grill piece black and wrapped it in black grill cloth. Had to leave a bit of a gap when I cut this piece due to the thickness of the cloth and the white binding stapled along the edge...but it turned out perfectly! Also threw on a Peavey logo I found on Ebay.

A quick mock up of how it was looking.

Tolexed the shell and individual pieces. I used a low odour Lepage contact cement which turned out great and was easy enough to work with. I cut away a small bit from each corner so that my hardware would be a snug fit.

and the final product...

Overall, I'm thrilled with the outcome. Looks and sounds great! I essentially copied the dimensions of an Orange Rockerverb head and replaced the reverb tank I lost with a TC Electronics Hall of Fame.

Hope you enjoyed my build!
Hagstrom Viking, Peavey XXX Super 40, Marshall 1960a Cab
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badass project.
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Looks badass! I wish I paid attention in wood shop back in high school and middle school.
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That looks ****en' wicked. I like how small the head is in comparison to the cab.
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holy shit that's so rad. SO RAD
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what did you do with the speaker wires that went to the original speaker? im planning on using my xxx as a head but i want to disconnect the speaker.
Very nice! I expected some "experts" to post up some woodworking and cabinet building no-nos. Screws are overkill, especially for just a head; wood glue is plenty, stronger than the actual wood, but who doesn't like overkill? There are still to this day sh!tty cabinets I've built with plain butt joinery that have outlasted box- and dovetail-joined cabinets. A guy demonstrated to his buddy right when he picked up a cabinet I built for him why he would rather have one built than bought, and proceeded the throw it across my driveway. Let me just say that birch is better than MDF and there is a reason why some tolex is more expensive than others.

Your Home Depot carries birch? My local stores have some sort of Chinese pine plywood at birch prices. I get my wood from Woodworker's Source - this stuff has never warped on me like the garbage HD sells, and it is sourced and made in USA. Costs a little more, but worth it, nobody ran it over a dzen times with a forklift, and 60"x60" is more workable than 49"x96".

EDIT: Upon closer examination, it looks like veneered particle board. DON'T build speaker cabinets with this junk!
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