Hey guys! My first post on here xD To be quick about it, I've played guitar about 7 years now, and I'm generally pretty content with my abilities and tone!

However, a technique has really been bugging me, and I'm just not entirely sure how to approach it (or what to call it xD)

In the solo for the song, "Sea of Sorrow" by Alice in Chains, the opening pattern seems to give me troubles. D: Could anyone possibly help? I've seen this used in other songs, and whenever I attempt it I just seem to fudge it.

(Edit - technique may not be the best word to use, but it's 4:30 AM here and I am a little out of it c
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I don't have my guitar here with me right now but from what I can hear it's just simple mix of bending the fret on one string and doing hammer-on / pull-off on string below. Also there is a wah effect but it's not overly exaggerated. What is it exactly that is giving you trouble with this?
Something about the positioning of the pattern just seems to be giving me issues on doing this cleanly. I'm not entirely sure either, because by what I am normally able to do on the guitar, I should have no problem with this -.-
Thanks for reply!
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