Hi, guys.

I've been a lurker for sometime, and finally decided to join! It's nice to meet you all!

I popped into my local music store the other week with the intention of finding a guitar suitable for drop tunings (drop C, and drop B mainly), and then I saw a stunning Fender Pawn Shop Super Sonic on the wall. I loved the mixture of the heavy and Fender-ish tones from the humbuckers and the feel of the guitar, but I had my concerns about how the guitar would handle drop tunings, so I spoke to the shop owner for quite a while who assured me that the short scale (24") would work really well, but I'd have to get the nut filed to fit the heavier strings, understandably.

My question is; is a 24" scale length suitable for drop B, or have I chosen the wrong guitar entirely? Am I going to have to put a ridiculously thick set of strings on to compensate?

Thanks for the help!
I'd go the opposite direction (longer scale) for those drop tunings. In fact, I'd probably look for something closer to 27"-28". My issue with short scales is that it's difficult to differentiate notes on the bottom end when you're running a short scale. Compare it to a piano -- a short spinet has the same notes on the keyboard, but the strings are shorter, and it's very difficult to hear the distinct notes on the bottom three or four keys. On a 9' grand, however, they're very clearly different.

I think you're setting yourself up for mud.

And shop owners will nearly always tell you that the guitar you're handing them money for is perfect for whatever it is you're doing.
I agree with everything that was said above.
You are going the wrong way with scale length. It'll be a pain getting the intonation set as well I'd imagine.
It's enough of a pain on a guitar with LP-scale length (24.75").
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Thanks for the advice! This is what I was afraid of. At this point, would it be wise to return the guitar and get a more suitable guitar if there's no way the Super Sonic is going to work? Or set it up and see how it goes, even though I'd be voiding any chance of returning it?
I think you'd struggle to find a good set of strings to be honest..
You will probably/possibly have to modify the tuners so they can fit the heavier gauge strings too, so a setup might void any chance of returning yes.

Personally I'd return it and grab something more suited to drop B tunings...but others may disagree.
Things with strings:
Ibanez J.Custom, Prestiges, RG8, SR5 bass etc
LP's, Strat, Tele
ENGL Retro Tube 50
5150 III 50W
Orange Terror Bass
Yeah take it back and get a longer scale. A baratone guitar would be my choice if I played in B.
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yeah man. shorter scales generally are easier to play for small hands, have a looser string feel, and a more thick, mellow tone. this is part of the equasion that makes a les paul and les paul....and inversly, what makes a strat a strat (longer scale).

for those tunings, you are dropping string tension so much you want that length to keep the guitar playable.

like the other said, you want anything but mellow. those dropped tunings would benefit from the brightest tone possible. EQ down the highs if thats your things, but you would want the guitar bright to begin with.

i agree, this is an equasion for a mud salad of gainy blah.
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You don't need a Baritone to get a decent drop B tone, trust me.
It's been a while since I've used this tuning, but my 25.5" Ibanez RGA121 handled it like a champ with 0.12-0.56 strings.
Seeing as you like Fender Guitars, maybe this would do:

I truely adore the Pawn Shop series, unique but still traditional looking guitars + Made In Japan.

Or a Blacktop Jazzmaster perhaps:
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There are plenty of people who play drop B with Les Pauls. I wouldn't immediately return the Super Sonic until you see how it sounds. Scale length is very important factor in the tone of a guitar. The shorter scale lengths will be looser and darker which can be great if that's what you're looking for. If you do decide to get a different guitar, I think you should try a 24.75" since you like the heaviness of the Super Sonic.