I've been learning guitar for over a year and I just realized when I play I get unwanted sounds when I take my fingers off the strings. I read on a website you have to relax your fingers rather than just taking them off and I found this works but I have to play ridiculously slowly and I find it difficult to focus on making my fingers relax.
Do I just have to keep practicing it to get better at it or am I doing it wrong?
Thank you
That's generally accurate but it's more advice for pretty advanced players and even then it's not something you just learn and then it's what you do all the time. You have to work at it for years and even then it doesn't just happen; it filters through in to your playing gradually.

I think what's probably missing for you is decent muting technique. Watch this:

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Most new guitarists are about distortion distortion distortion, I was that way 7 years ago and that caused a hell of a lot of problems with noise , and also feedback.it could be yourproblem, it might not, but if you use a lot of gain,turn it back few notches, and work with tone. I play metal and I can't emphasize enough how important mid frequencies are
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