Can I lift you up?
Can I remove the shadows pouring the acid rain?
Acid pain, when trust fades away
Leavin’ you to believe we’re all the same

I don’t wanna be the one reinforcing the bitter lies,
The sea of tears flowin’ through your eyes
Can I heal your wounds and watch a new dawn arise
That sets your soul in bloom

Hesitant, so resistant
Don’t wanna walk into a heartbreak phenomenon
But I reassure you there’s nothing more
That I would rather do than treat you with a cure

Let me wash away your sorrow, replacing your regrets
With utopian days you won’t ever forget
In pursuit of tomorrow; reach out for these honest hands
Deep into the unknown

Darkness overcome by light
Unconditioned love within our sight
Transcend the galaxies, to a place where it’s all right
A place where you can breathe

And I know, I know you’ve heard it all before
Is this solely for myself or what you’re truly looking for?
And I know, this is a trial I will fight to endure
For your eternal harmony, forevermore
Wow. That is really good. Great job.
They say when you talk to God it's prayer, but when God talks to you it's schizophrenia.
This is touching. A good piece. Has a mixture of emotion and visuals. Very good. 4.5/5 COuld you take a look at mine and see what you think. THe Pale and Bleed For Me.