Hey Guys,

I'm considering replacing the bridge pickup in my 2006 Les Paul standard, which I believe is a burstbucker with a humbucker sized p90 (Fralin or Lollar most likely). Basically looking to have a more articulate & clear tone in the bridge, and I feel like what's in there now is a bit on the muddy and brittle side. With installation, etc, the whole swap should run me around $200-$220 depending on where I go. What I'm questioning though is if it might make more sense to just pick up a used Les Paul jr for not that much more, and still have the 'classic' les paul set up in my standard. I've seen used Lpjrs go for $450-500. What are your thoughts?
I recently dropped a burstbucker pro set in my Epi LP Tribute Plus. Stock pups were Gibson 57 set with coil split, which I thought sounded a bit weak. My experience is also that the burstbucker pros are a muddy mess. There's not really a usable range. Full on muddy mess or too thin but nothing in between.

The burstbucker 3 and 2 in my Epi Bonamassa are about the best stock pickups I've ever come across. But I remember that in the beginning I didn't like the sound of them either. I guess they grew on me, after fiddling about with them a bit over a longer period of time (adjusted the height of pup, and the pole pieces etc). Now I wonder if maybe I need to give the burstbucker pro set a while to get used to also.

I find myself always grabbing the Bonamassa when in need of a guitar, and every time I pick it up, I fall in love with that guitar over and over, and won't put it down for at least an hour. The Tribute Plus however feels like a chore I force myself to endure in faint hope of change of mind.

In short: Bb 2 & Bb 3 are a great set for me (definition + usable and controllable range) if you want to try another pickup combo. But maybe give the Bbucker Pro a second chance.
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Do you like the feel of your guitar?

Was that in my direction or OP 's?

After reading his post again I see how he wants to try a Gibson lp jr instead of a standard, which is quite a different guitar (I played some standard's end jr's).
@Dunkelheit-164: Hey, thanks for that recommendation. I agree, I'm pretty sure the burstbucker pros are what's in the guitar. I actually do like the neck p/u-I do find though that unless they're set correctly vol/tone wise, they can get a bit muddy.
@timbit2006 I definitely like the feel of the guitar, and I'd definitely consider it my #1. That's also where the consideration comes into play, because, though yes very different guitars, I could theoretically use the LPjr for the p90 qualities and then switch back without having to committing to completely change the standard. I'm questioning also though how the burstbucker in the next sounds with a p90, most setups I've seen it in have been the other way around.