Right, so I'm sick of throwing money at my electric rig, and since I'm off to uni next year anyway it seems pointless splashing out on it. So I've decided to buy an acoustic.

I'll be popping down to my local music store tomorrow. Anyone got any suggestions as to reliable brands, etc?

I played a £109 Takamine G320NS a while back and thought it was dead nice, so I'm obviously easily impressed lol.

Much prefer guitars with thinner necks, closer to electric necks too.

If you are looking for something which are closer to Electric necks, maybe you should look into Ovations!

As you are in the UK (I think), there are a couple of decent brands, which almost every guitar store have in England. Tanglewood and Freshman! Try them out!
Ditto-as above,Also, you could try an Epiphone EJ200, (second-hand) plenty of decent,playable brands around.
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