I'm wondering what you think of the soon to be released Behringer Firepower FCA1616. It is priced at 250 which is really ****en' cheap for what it offers.
I read that it's supposed to be released in October but that might change.
The FCA1616 can be foundhere.
Only four preamps built in which is fine for the price, I'd just put the sends from my mixer to the four line ins on the back so I total 8 preamps. It also has ADAT connectivity.

I'm thinking of picking one up when it comes out.
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As long as the drivers are solid, I don't see why it wouldn't be good. Behringer's conversion in their ADA8000 is easily comparable to all the other 8-channel ADAT pres under $1000, and the preamps weren't far off. WIth the upgraded Midas pres in this and (what I assume to be) better conversion, it seems like a steal, as long as you're fine touting the Behringer name and such.
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I have absolutely nothing against Behringer products so long as I've read reviews before purchasing. Hopefully I'll have some extra money whenever this comes to Canada.
Behringer actually discontinued the ADA8000 and remade it in the new style with Midas preamps. Now it's called ADA8200 and is 350 dollars if I remember correctly.

I like the new direction Behringer is going in, seems like quality is improving a lot and price is staying the same.
..I was watching my death.