Well I'm embarking on my first true scratch build or at least making the body, still ordering a neck. Have put together a couple of guitars and finished and now it's time to graduate to the real deal.

I'm going to be building a telecaster inspired guitar equipped with p90s.

Wood - Mahogany
Neck - Rosewood mighty mite
Pickups - GFS soapbars in black
Electronics - Going with a 2 volume 1 tone configuration, and a les paul style switch (SG style placement at the bottom of the guitar), 500k pots, .22 orange caps, and full copper shielding
Bridge - shortened wilkinson string tru, brass saddles.
Tuners - Gotoh staggered tuners.
Finish - Will be ebony grain filled, sanded back, then a cherry red stain, then a tru-oil finish.

It'll be the telecaster shape, but i'll be rear routing the control cavity, so no front control plate, as well as having no pick guard. Planning on doing a belly cut, and contouring the neck heel, I won't be using a neck plate, but ferruled screws. This build is going to be about comfort for playing and keeping the face of the guitar as clean and uncluttered looking as possible.

Literally just ordered everything so I'll be updating the thread as I make progress!