Cool lean guitar intro man! 0:14 nice vibe from there on, great panning with the guitars, 1:18 that's really cool sounding with the guitars. Again the panning the different riffs really adds that feel of different personalities. The bass drum may be a little to compressed, that's how is sound son my end, hmm not sure if there's bass in this track? Still sounds cool none the less. i like how it ends with that guitar solo you did in the middle of the song. This would sound even better with vocals

can you review my guitar track? I sort of wanted to make a dark and angry track.
The intro has a mono/Deftones feel to it, me gusta!
The part after the intro could really benefit from a good vocal melody.
The "chorus" if I may call it that, would be cool with some 10 years-esque vocals imo.
The single note lead that starts around 2.30 sounds a bit uninspired, maybe add some bends to spice it up.

Also the mix could be less brickwalled but overall a basis for a song!

Here is my band: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1618100

You can just give feedback on one song if you want