Couldn't resist this body, ordered one for my first build. Any ideas? $26 hah!
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That picture makes it way too hard for anyone to give an actual answer.
I'd have to back Explorerbuilder up on the spalted maple guess.
The top may be maple as well. My next guess would be ash. It could also be a very cheap mahogany.
Is there any way to get a better picture of this? I looked on the Guitarfetish website and it's no longer there. I'm assuming it's from Guitarfetish as I recognize the neck pocket marking.
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Looks like Maple.
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Yeah, its from GFS, unfortunately I can't get a better picture it was one of their factory buyout pieces and for whatever reason didn't state the wood type. Anyone have experience with GFS factory buyout stuff? Again its my first build, not really experience outside of basic guitar setups and pounding frets with rubber mallets lol. The neck I got is a 57mm, the neck pocket is 56mm. I'm planning on sanding a bit on the pocket if needed.
Looks like a piece of mildly spalted maple. Spalted Maple is diseased and actually has rot in it, the black lines are mold. Spalted Maple also makes an awesome guitar body with a natural finish as it will really bring out the spalting.
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Their main body page says bodies are normally Pauwlonia or gorgeous solid ASH ... clearly it isn't ash do it "should" be Pauwlonia
here are some pictures of the body. any idea what company manufactures this thing? the neck I ordered is the wrong scale size and fit and I am afraid hacking on it will only risk intonation issues... trying to find the correct neck. the neck I currently have measures at 26.25" on the guitar but the neck is intended for 25.5". anyone with experience know how much this would affect intonation?
links to pictures:

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Whichever company manufactured it... well, there's probably good reason why their bodies are being sold at 26 dollars. That looks like very terrible quality. They didn't even setup their shaper correctly as evidenced by the poorly done half round-overs on the back. Are the neck pocket screws supposed to be that screwy?

With some care it can probably turn out nice though.
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What are half round-overs? I'm guessing the electronics compartment routing? The neck bolt pattern is similar to that of some ibanez guitars, more commonly their basses. Agree, its not the most amazing piece ever, but I'd rather destroy a cheap body that could potentially turn out nice than shame something really nice. It'll need sanded and refinished without a doubt. I just want to make sure iI've got ducks in a row before I start investing time and parts into this thing. I've got a couple guitars I'm happy with, just something to tinker with.
I mean the roundovers on the back edges of the guitar. They don't look all too perfectly round.
Does the guitar have a finish on it? I'm curious. I like the shape a lot.
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Its just a satin finish, I'm not familiar with most mass produced guitar parts but I'm guessing just to help protect the wood? Its very thin, probably a single coat or two and sanded down. It feels great and to my untrained eyes, looks pretty awesome for how cheap it was.
The figure of the wood is pretty undesirable to be honest. It has very little figure to it and would probably be better off as being painted. Maybe it's nicer in person.
I think possibly its grain filler that they have on the body.

EDIT: Actually, yeah. What can you expect from a 26 dollar body? It is a pretty sweet deal and I am a bit envious.
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It's from their factory buyout, correct? All the bodies/necks from there are incomplete, construction-wise. I bought some stuff from there, I'm fairy certain most of it is Chinese, I know for sure 2 of the necks I got are from whatever factory Dean has their guitars made at because they're damaged necks off of the colored fretboard series, but some of that stuff is really nice actually. Most of it seems to be from the same factory, I believe.