Dudes and Ladies!

Great job with the cover, I love love love the harmonies in the chorus and how you took this classic song and gave it a twist to make it your own! I'm not a huge fan of screaming/growling in general but I think it works for what you were going for! My only advice would be to turn down the gain on the guitars a little. When you're going for the triple guitar attack like Iron Maiden or you're multitracking guitars, especially with complex rhythms, too much gain may make the guitar tracks run together and not be as tight as you might want them to be. Otherwise, I think it sounded great and you guys obviously took the time to arrange the guitar parts and make it your own track! Awesome Job!
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This one was pretty unexpecped but in a good way!

I agree that there is a bit too much distortion on guitars, but otherwise the sound is clean and heavy. Vocals are pretty awesome in my opinion, harmonies on the chorus especially! Screams were a bit powerless, but not the worst.

I would give it 9/10
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The performances were all really good, and I think the guitar tone is fine right where it is. My only issues are that the vocals don't really pop out of them mix as well as they need to and the bass tone is far too trebly. I can hear it super clear on my laptop speakers, and that's not a good thing. Really good cover, though.
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