Hello there! I have a big question for you.

I'm about to change the bridge pickup in the guitar I'm buying soon.
I play brutal/technical death metal 95% of the time (also a lot of shreddy solos, but I'm using the neck pickup for it). No djent, deathcore, jazz, etc. Pure death metal.

The question is: Which PASSIVE pickup do you recommend me, for 7 string guitar (bridge position)? It will be downtuned to A standard. I thought about DiMarzio D-Activator 7, but I want to find the best bet. I don't care about the clean tones. I'd put EMGs there, but my guitar is wired for passives, and I don't want to drill holes for battery. Go!
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Personally id get a nicer sounding amp.
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pretty sure you could put EMGs in without modifying the guitar's body, the battery should just fit in the control cavity! other than that though I'll +1 on the BK Aftermath!
Most guitars will easily fit 2 9V batteries without requiring any modification to the guitar body. They just fit in the control cavity. Of course, you would have to modify the pickup cavities if you wanted to put EMGs in there, but if you were thinking about actives, you can get a set of Seymour Duncan Blackout Phase I, which are the same size as passive pickups. This is what I did to my 7-string guitar, and I did not have to drill the body or modify it in any way.

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You need a new amp.
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I'm never recommending Barenuckles at 100% cuz they are hand made and not always consistant, sometimes they work with higher or lower resistence and power that what is written. They are very nice pick ups but it is always a gamble
Dimarzio Dactivator 7 will make you happy and are cheaper than Barenuckles.
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