Hello everyone.

Yesterday I uploaded some tabs of the song "Omarm" by "Blof".

The reason I'm surprised and frankly a bit pissed off my tabs got rejected is because I tried learning this song guitar using existing tabs and I found out those were really bad (while rated 5 stars).
They don't sound anything like the song so I decided to tab the song myself by ear.

I'm very confident my tabs are solid and different from the other tabs and the other reasons tabs get rejected don't apply (I've uploaded 4 tabs before, all 5 stars..)

Sooo can anyone tell me how tabs get rejected, is it done by just regular UG members or by UG mods or judges or anything? Maybe someone can try to find the tabs in the queue (I put them back in it again) and tell me what's wrong?

Thanks in advance!

~ Falx
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It looks fine to me, at a glance it looks like the other tab for it but it clearly changes later on, not sure why it wasn't approved.
It's definitively approved by some sort of mod, try contacting them if you don't get a reply in this thread