Im going to buy my first e-guitar after playing acoustic for a while. Ive made a deal over a telecaster deluxe (mexican) but have yet to pay. The Telecaster looks really legit in everyway. However the serial number doesnt come up with anything on Fenders website.

some pictures

Is this a legit guitar worth the bucks?

thank you for yer help guys
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400 bucks and its presumably from 2002.
Seemed like a good price since store price is like 800 bucks
Well, I am by no means an expert here but I do believe that it's a legitimate Fender telecaster. The headstock looks right, and it's got three pickups as the Deluxe series Teles do. As well, if it was fake, I doubt the company would use high quality Kluson tuners and gold hardware.

For $400, if it's in great condition, I'd (personally) go for it. Keep in mind, brand new you'd be looking at probably around $500-600 for a Mexican tele.

Here's your serial number info:

Your guitar was made at the
Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico
in the Year(s): 2002 - 2003
Thank you so much man. You took some stress off my mind. Great help!
No problem, good luck with it and I hope you enjoy your new guitar!
yeah that's a deluxe players series Nashville tele. nice guitar and not a bad deal for $400 if in real nice shape.
It was in super shape guys and it sounds like a beast. Thanks for your help