A friend at work turned me on to this product.


I just used this on a mosrite copy I'm building. There is almost zero fish-eye with this clear coat, cures much faster, it's a durable automotive finish so it should buff out very well. It really simplified what used to be the most tedious process.

Wish I would have known about this stuff a long time ago. Thought this would be worth sharing
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It gives incredible results; at the price of your wallet and health. The cancer talk follows the stuff wherever it goes.

For me, respirator and booth with some good fan sucking power going on is a must. That stuff is like spraying a 2 part epoxy - the saliva in your system will dilute lacquer and get most of it out of your system, not the 2k spray.

Use it with caution friend.
Provided there isn't a bunch of dust or oil on whatever you want to paint it shouldn't fish eye or bubble unless you are spraying improperly. Regardless I always wipe anything I am about to spray down with a tack cloth its certainly worth the $3 or whatever it is. As being cautioned be careful with that shit it has extremely high VOC levels making it fairly unsafe to breathe which is the case with urethane and nitro.
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I'm not a particularly good photographer.. I sprayed the finish on Tuesday, I just got it together a little while ago.

Still have to shim the neck to fix the action. Other than that, i'm pretty jelly with how it turned out