I have high action of which is killing my fingers. I cannot get the proper adjustments and do not know what a proper setup would cost @ Guitar Center. Nor can I afford to fix it myself (I dont want to break it!) Any ideas for the price range?
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$50-$75 around dallas here. Most places are 50 normal bridge, 75 for floyd rose style bridge. Free string change is included with the deal.
Go buy some new strings and look up a youtube video on how to adjust the action and intonation on an LP... You'll save a bunch in the long run AND you'll learn something as a bonus... Shweet!
Learn how to do it yourself. Tons of guides on YT. The work is not rocket science at all.
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It's $25 here but they charge $3 to string it. It's not very difficult to do though. There are plenty of really detailed YouTube videos on it.

Of course I am not talking about guitar center either. I am talking about a local shop.
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Buy a book called "How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great" by Dan Erlewine.

It'll cover virtually everything you ever needed to know about guitar setup, and even if you still want a tech to do the actual setup for difficult processes, at least you'll know how to talk to the tech about what you need and will understand what he/she has done.

It'll run about $13 on Abebooks, more on Amazon. There are two different covers; I think this is the current edition.

This is the older edition, in case you can get a deal on a used one from one of the booksellers:

You might want to start putting together a kit of small guitar-specific tools; StewMac (Stewart-MacDonald) is a great place to start, and their stuff is very high quality though a bit spendy. OTOH, if you buy well the first time, you'll probably never have to replace anything for the rest of your guitar-playing life.