Hi man,

very freaky ... have you ever heard Waltari?? Think they re from Finland too. I like your attitude. The kick is soundin very good. The snare is lackin a lil punch. Try boostin some 4k on it or parallelcompress it a lil more to get some control of it. The guitars sound very good. But you can get rid of some guitar related freq stuff between 100 and 300 Hz without loosing too much of the sound, get lost of some mud and let the bass bleed thru a bit more. Mixin is most of the time pushin just a part of the frequency sprectra of an instrument to get it a lil louder. I think the vox are not that what i am used to listen to but they re recorded and mixed good without loosin against the music. I think you are on a good way and i hear a lot of the before mentioned thrash influences Ah ... and lower the reverb of the toms and the leads a tad.

Honestly ... if i could i would tear it to shreds but i can t

Here is mine if you ve got time https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1618065
Waltari are one of the Finnish metal gods and I'm VERY familiar with them!

Thanks for the excellent feedback on the audio!

This is actually an instrumental track, but on this particular video it's overdubbed with samples from the South Park episode "Canada on strike". The "freaky" characters on the video are Finnish and Greek politicians.