Looking for a guitarist and a drummer for an Ambient/Progressive Black Metal project I started. It will be online and it will be a serious project with releases from various labels.
I am by no means interested, but seriously. Like... first of all, "ambient" and "progressive" are generally just bullshit when used to describe a subgenre. I find it unlikely that your music is at all related to ambient music. Words like "ambient" and "atmospheric" are useless when describing black metal since black metal is based heavily on ambiance and atmosphere. This is like saying "fast race horse" or "spicy ghost peppers" when race horses and ghost peppers are fast and spicy respectively by their very nature, and so it is redundant to say so.

And the only time "progressive" isn't just a synonym for "we think we're unique when we're really just pretentious or have no real direction/songwriting abilities" (Between The Buried And Me is the epitome of this) in the context of rock and metal is when referring to progress rock/metal as a proper genre in a historical context (King Crimson, ELP, Yes, Genesis, Watchtower, Aryeon, Arcturus, Blotted Science, Fates Warning, etc).

And since the fact that those really are more or less meaningless in this contact is out of the way, that really leaves black metal, which is perhaps the most diverse subgenre of metal (though doom is arguably more diverse though) and certainly the most polarizing in terms of styles.

Do you mean 1st wave black metal like Venom or Celtic Frost? Early 90s Norwegian bands like Burzum, Immortal, Mayhem, or Emperor? Shitty overproduced junk like Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth? Maybe more in the style of Finnish bands like Impaled Nazarene or Beherit? Folk metal like Graveland, Enslaved, or Falkenbach? Arckanum? Kvist? Taake? Drudkh? Temnozor? Nortt? Xasthur? Wolves in the Thrown Room? Von? Altars of Plague? Zyklon? Thou Shall Suffer? Deathspell Omega? Krallice? Fen? Mithotyn? Agalloch? Woods of Ypres? Utgard? Moonsorrow? Horn? Summoning? Myrkgrav? Thorns? Behemoth? Demoniac? Liturgy? Finntroll? Arkona? Rotting Christ? Gespenst?

You really need to be more specific.
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