Title says it all.

Here's my first thoughts for casting for the band:

Robert Plant: Aaron Taylor Johnson. He's a solid actor, he even played John Lennon in one movie, and he has an undeniable rockstar look with long hair.

Secondary choices: Jack Gleeson, and I know I'm gonna get hate for this one... But Zac Efron. (He's not a bad actor, just had the unfortunate fate of being in a bunch of Disney stuff. Just watch Parkland)

Jimmy Page: I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt could do it, if he could pull off a British accent. He doesn't look unlike Jimmy with long hair, and could also pull off the rockstar look (watch Hesher).

Secondary choices: Ben Whishaw, Jared Leto (but only if he could do the accent)

John Paul Jones: Daniel Radcliffe. Fairly expected choice, not bad, but not particularly amazing, either. He could pull it off.

Secondary choices: Dave Franco if he could do the accent; Heath Ledger, if he hadn't died,

John Bonham: This would be a hard casting choice, which I'm still very undecided on, but my tentative choice would be Taylor Kitsch. Although his acting career was tarnished by some bad movie choices (John Carter and Battleship), I think he has some untapped talent and still has potential.

What do you think, Pit?
Mr Plant: David Bowie
Jimmy Page: Random homeless person
Johny Jones: literally who
John Bonham: Prop corpse
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Robert Plant: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jimmy Page: Sylvester Stallone

John Paul Jones: Chuck Norris

John Bonham: Peter Dinklage
Aaron Johnson has absolutely no charisma. The guy is in a league with actors like Taylor Kitsch, Sam Worthington, and Liam Hemsworth where they're handsome but have dick all in the way of acting talent.
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Eric Stoltz really needs some work you guys, just add an evil greedy agent character to that list.

Solved, movie complete. /thread
Jimmy Page should swap places with an pedophile in mate for the movie.

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Who's Andy Timmons??
Kevin Spacey as Robert Plant
Daniel Day Lewis as Bonham
Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Paul Jones
Quaker Oats Guy as Jimmy Page
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Aaron Johnson has absolutely no charisma. The guy is in a league with actors like Taylor Kitsch, Sam Worthington, and Liam Hemsworth where they're handsome but have dick all in the way of acting talent.

Taylor Kitsch is really good in Friday night lights.
Only Jimmy Page can be Jimmy Page.
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that guy in all those movies like nascar one and newsman one and green santa thing guy
and also that other guy from all those other ones he's in
Daniel Radcliffe
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it's Hollywood-wil smith be Robert plant

Don't forget Angelina Jolie as Peter Grant
Damon, Affleck, and Wahlberg would play all the characters. And it would be set in Boston and it would be awesome.
I'll play robert plant. My bulge is made for the big screen
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what a terrible idea

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Justin Bieber could play the 14 year old girl that Jimmy Page kidnapped and raped for a year.

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That's almost as bad as casting Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch.

Except for the whole making white characters black trend being pretty silly and getting old that's not really bad casting.
Yngwie Malmsteen as Jimmy Page

Morgan Freeman as Robert Plant
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Mr Plant: Michael Cera.
Jimmy Page: Ron Pearlman.
Johny Jones: Steve Buscemi.
John Bonham: The Aniston.

My dream line up.
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