I saved this gem from pawnshop hell and im interested in knowing the maker. It has a Bigsby B5 Vibrato. the turners are Kluson Deluxe and by what i see they date to 1964-1969 according to [forbidden link] but i cant seem to find a headstock that is the shape of this guitar. Any help would be appreciated.

Looks like an old Silvertone or Kay
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A Kay was my first thought but ive never seen one with a real Bigsby or Kluson turners ive searched king of kay's for one liek it but no such luck.
Same with silvertone as well. I cant seem to find another guitar with the same head stock or pickups. Ive owned quite a few silvertones kays and tesicos over the years not one of them had pickups or head stock like this one.
It's old... '60s, maybe even '50s. Quality parts. It could be of European origin or a one-off hand build. US manufactures like Kay didn't use pickups like that, and I'm pretty sure it's not Japanese. The bridge is compensated for a wound G. Double stripe Klusons. I'd take the pickguard off and have a look at the electronics... that might tell you something. Very cool old piece!
Will do when i get home. Id to have it restored correctly, who ever had it before me did a horrid chameleon paint job on it
Even weirder Seymour duncan rohs-IZB84 pickups and ic ant find anything about them either google fails!

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You might contact Seymour Duncan- they might be able to tell you what makers were using those back in the day.
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look into some of those older, obscure Russian builders too, they were making Kay and Silvertone STYLE guitars back in the day, but weirder, but some didn't mark anything on the guitar as per manufacturer etc.
Looks like a Kay to me but I'm no expert.
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Well Guitar Emporium as well as a few luithers i have spoken with come to the conclusion that they do not know the make of the guitar, but i did find out the color of the guitar was originally metallic electric green and the body is made of alder. The conscious is that its a custom piece but with out knowing the maker its near impossible to assess a value of it aside from the components themselves. There is no way in hell I'm going to drop $600 in getting the fretboard reset and the body repainted if the guitar itself will not be worth as much. Sadly I think I'm going to part it out.