Ok guys and girls here is what I can't seem to figure out. I have asked some guitar players that I know, but I wanted to know if anyone else is like this. Here is the problem or maybe a good thing. When I play I cannot look at the fretboard everything is off of feeling and I can tell pretty much what string I am on and what fret etc. But the problem comes in when I want to watch myself play and not on a video, I start to screw up bad or even when I start to think about what I am doing on the guitar. I have found if I just go off the feeling and what I am hearing it works, but it has me kind of worried about some guitar technique issues that could arise from this.

The second part that has me a little concerned also is that I can practice everyday and it seems as the week goes on I get worse. I am very motivated to practice but the strange part is that if I don't practice for a day or two when I do play again it seems like my skill has improved. WTH is with that???
For the most part, I also can't look at the fretboard when I play. I think it's more good than bad, because it shows that you're mostly playing by ear and muscle memory. It only causes problems, if I'm trying to do hard solos.
You have developed what some call "Eyes in the Fingers", but you hit a wall in your progress, where your regular eyes can't be used.

The way I was taught, was to not look at your fingers at all while "performing". We're suppose to play looking at music sheets, and sing to the songs we play with the words on the sheets. However when we got tested on Friday, we played solo, with no sheets at all, while on Thursday we played with sheets. These are the two ways I test myself.

To not feel troubled, test yourself. You should develop what some call "hand eye coordination", where your real eyes read the music, and it tells the brain in your fingers what to do, instead of your your brain telling your "eye in fingers" what to do, if you can't do that, then you should practice it.

I wouldn't worry to much about the fret board thing, but to further enhance your playing you should develop all ways of playing, don't rely solely on one method. I tested myself and I do just fine in all three ways, eyes on fret, eyes on music, and closed eyes/eyes looking at nothing.

But I do admit while playing to a song and "performing", I am busy thinking of words to songs and keeping pace, that it is harder to play from memorization and stare at frets.
ok i will clarifiy this stuff once for all guys. I've been playing around 4/5 years and ive got to tell you i made so much progress concerning my technique recently and evolved my playing recently. How you ask ? I was concerned about finding the perfect finger placement on the fret and how to hold the pick the perfect way blabla Whats the answer ? Feel your fingers !!! make sure that even when you dont look at them you count clearly feel your on the tip of the finger when you're playing that note. your finger will automaticaly go to the right spacing between the fret. Also make sure to press very lightly just enough THATS it for the left hand. Also tip for the right hand ? Make sure you are holding the pick the most comfortable way TO YOU and LISTEN to your amp when you play the right hand is really A LOT of your tone you anchor thats fine if that sounds good ! For me i tend to switch between having my ring and pinky loose on the pick gard (jeff loomis style i guess) and between the paul gilbert style
well, there are muscles in the hand. if you use them the same way day after day, they may get tired. you can either try to find a balance so that every time you play, you have refreshed fingers, or you can just keep playing until your hands start to catch up, since too much time off will also slow down your progression, no pun intended. i tend to play a whole lot, and as a result, i tend to find easier ways to play.
also, your ears have a little time to recover, as does your inspiration, whatever part of your brain that's in.
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