i have a vox ac30 custom classic head. i switched out the reverb tank on it and i noticed a hum when i switched it on. i took it apart again i broke one of the rca jacks the rca cable from the tank plugs into on the amp. its not that its unsoldered. its just broken.
[forbidden link]
looks like that.
that jack is soldered to a wire that has another rca male plug that plugs into that rca jack that sits directly circuit board. my question is do i have to replace that or can i plug the rca cable from the tank directly into the jack on the board? its like a 6$ part i think so its not a huge deal but im thinking it might almost be easier to just plug it in there if i can.
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I can't quite picture what you're describing (sorry, it's late) so hopefully your link will clear it up.