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Hey ya'll in the Bass thread!

I wanted to try and share a few techniques I used to conquer slap bass with, I started bass a week ago, and the first technique I learnt was slapping, which is good because my favourite genre is funk.

Less of the mumbo jumbo.

The way I figured I picked it up so quick is because about a year into play guitar I got very much into percussive/fingerstyle guitar. Which sounds irrelevant admittedly, But I picked up a technique in fingerstyle where you use your thumb frequently almost as a metronome. I followed on after by re discovering my love for funk music and I began thumb slapping the E string to give it that punchy exterior. So now I've picked up the bass the thumb slap came naturally, and the popping I managed to pick up with it with felt great, I'm lucky it went so well!

the reason I made this thread is because I'm curious how other people went around it? My way is obviously not really that great... But in conclusion I'd like to know how you all did it and how to make it sound as strong as possible?

thanks for reading! I appreciate it a lot.

Have a ncie day! Give me feedback

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Honestly, I'm bad at slappin da bass. I know like 1.5 songs with slapping and can't learn any others. Any suggestions for moderate difficulty songs to get me into slapping and popping? Less funky, more rocky, please.
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When I first learned what "slap bass" means, I was eight grade in primary school so I was constantly "slapping" the table when I was in class. After few months, I could slap my guitar without a problem (I didn't have a bass, nor I have now).
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Quote by TheNameOfNoone
When I first learned what "slap bass" means, I was eight grade in primary school so I was constantly "slapping" the table when I was in class. After few months, I could slap my guitar without a problem (I didn't have a bass, nor I have now).

I did this when I first started slappin it really does help
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
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Drummers who pick up bass tend to excel at slap. It's all in the percussive element. Your thumb is a drumstick-- keep it loose but focused when you hit the strings close to the neck

There's a good thread by Applehead out there on technique with a wide cross section of songs of varying difficulty
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hence mr claypool ^^

as soon as i realised how crucial the left hand is in slap, i felt like i improved drastically almost overnight. the songs that really showed me that was laquer head - primus and the 'main part' of lovegames - level 42
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I like the table idea! The song i started to atempt first was "Tell me Baby" By the red hot chilli peppers, mainly because its not overly complicated! Give it a try!
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Yearssssssssss ago (2006), when I learned the song Tell Me Baby, I was very curious about the dead notes in it and the improvising in the chorus, you should watch that again, Love it My first slap song was Higher Ground of the Peppers and after that Rio Funk of Marcus Miller.

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I can't slap to save a live.
But I really wanna learn it tho. Only time I tried it was to play "Play That Funky Music" because I was bored.
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Not that much into funk but I love using slapping in other genres as it gives a nice and strong sound.

I try to develop as many slap techniques as I can.

I am fairly good at the normal slapping with octaves, getting better and better at the doublethumb ( but there is no way in hell I can do that triplet ). I also like to slap near the bridge - it gives me the same feeling in the fingers while giving me a less percussive sound and more of the bass. It depends on the song which way I'll slap. I also prefer holding my thumb down instead of parallel to the string.

I am often using the spank bass - you hold a chord / power chord / two strings / an octave /whatever and literally spank all the strings - don't hit them too hard though.

I love the harmonic slap - the bass player from Mudvayne uses this when improvising. You slap the octave harmonic with your index finger ( for instance you hold the fifth fret on the E string but use your right hand to tap the octave on the same string, which is the seventeenth fret. ).

I am also trying to learn the Fieldy slap, Robert from Metallica uses a similar technique sometimes.
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