Heya guys!

I have this youtube video with Wes Borland in it. At 0:28 he starts playing heavy with some dubstep like shit. How the hell he does it? Is it just edited after recording? Can it be playedreal time? How? What kind of effect is this?

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-njwkoBtJqU

Thank you in advance!!^^
these ^^^ and a digitech whammy pedal
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Is everything dubstep-like now?
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There's no way in hell you can do 0:33 wubwub with only whammy bar... I have a pod x3 and never been able to do such a thing And no not everything is dubstep. Just metal shredding with dubstep sounds ****in great when u have that mood And something new into your playstyle never bad IMO.
If you like Wes Borlands stuff, check out Big Dumb Face, I use to love that stuff back in Jr. High. Although I don't remember him doing that kind of sound.
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