As you're in Europe is suggest looking at the Orchid electronic stuff.


They have more expensive DI equipment too. That's the cheapest. All really good kit.
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An ART Pro Tube MP or an Alesis MicTube would be a nice deal - cheap, tube-featuring, and both pre and DI.

Also, yours is not a DI box problem, your is a Behringer problem - pretty much every other DI Box out there sound better.
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If you really want a DI box that's passive, simple & reliable, then look into the Whirlwind IMP2. It's US $40 & should be available online in Europe or see if you can order one from US, I doubt it would be uber expensive to ship to Norway.

DI boxes with speaker sims differ in sound when you use the speaker sims, otherwise it's more about build quality & features. Ofcourse using cheapo parts means sound quality can suffer too.