Hey there,
here´s a poem i wrote a couple of months ago.
Feel free to comment, critisise and/or correct mistakes (English isn´t my native language). I´d be very grateful for any advice and hope you like it =)


The Big Picture

Our hands are tied, the big picture´s blurred
our feelings wired, our thoughts too slurred
It´s quite a pretty ravage
and these ****ers just keep ticking on
When all I´d need is just a little time
to get to know myself and my arbitrary mind
Pretty sure I would even find
Something worth holding on to

Well, some friends of mine they try their luck
with a liquid cure and lots of fresh starts
every evening enact their wicked dance
to keep their worries at bay
I want the sun to shine even when it rains
just give me one more sip to keep me insane
for in this world slow, static and mundane
I can´t keep up with my speeding dreams

And my bad habits, they keep me in check
and I´m left wanting more than my castles made of sand
crushed at the very moment
Society wakes me up
And i creek and moan but she drags me along
to some foreign place I don´t belong
And all i can do is write yet another poem
hope somebody will understand

Still I am sure that some day will come
when we´ll walk into a setting sun
together with our hearts torn open
with no memories or expectations
And I´ll see you through your eye
A mirror to the heart of mine
We´ll smile, then gently kiss goodbye
to dive back into uncertainty

And it´s allright
My darling, don´t you cry
My darling, don´t you hide
´cause we´re bathed in lovelight
We just can´t see ´cause it would blind
our hearts so used to fright
and disbelief