What does Ultimate-Guitar think of John Mayer?

I think he's one of the best guitarists working right now. Songs like Neon and Stop This Train are (simply put) genius. He uses chords that most guitarists aren't familiar with, and is one of the few out there who understands the importance of subtleness. He doesn't stick the guitar right in your face and go "LOOK HOW GOOD I AM!"

In conclusion, I think John Mayer has gotten a bad wrap by being thrown under the mainstream bus, because he is really deserving of much more appreciation than obsessive women.
I def. remember the first time I heard No Such Thing on the radio. it was one of those rare moments where you hear a song and you stop and it just sucks you in. I was like "who is this guy" ....in fact I thought he was black the first time I heard him.

My fav. tunes of his would be Heart of Life and his version of Bold as Love. It's good to see a blues guy have so much mainstream success, I just wish there were more bluesy guitarists with a mainstream presence like him.
average guitarist. not bad, not great

has great cats backing him up tho. his drum/bass players are the reason why his shit sounds good
I think he's one of the most underrated guitarists out there right now. It's sad to see all the high school oo and awe over his voice (which is great) but don't even realize the bluesy side to him.
I saw him live last month here in Argentina. I'm not a big fan but I like him because of songs like Belief or Slow dancing in a burning room. I wouldn't say he is underrated, in fact I think he's overrated. If you like him you should definitely check out Richie Kotzen, now that's an underrated musician.