I want to practice soloing. I'm getting out of the box (at least I haven't got any problems with pentatonics as I skipped them at first), getting better with legatos, tapping, arpeggios. Most of the available tracks are blues, and blues is "meh" to me when it comes to playing it. Don't get me wrong, I like blues even I don't own whole discographies of cult classics, but I'm more a metal person.
I'm working on new songs and retooling my old ones (none of my songs are finished yet, so I want to finish or retool them completely), but I need some practice to perfecting my soloing as my vibratos kinda suck and I miss some of the bends (my relative hearing doesn't really work and I make perfect 1 and 1/2 note bendings where it should be whole note and vice versa).