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I have a Peavey 6505+ 112 combo amp and I usually just play at bedroom levels when at home. Today though I went to a band practice and even with the volume all the way up I was unable to hear myself over the drums and our other guitarist. This has not been a problem in the past when we've practiced for shows and I believe there is a definite lack of output. The tone is still good, it just won't get loud enough. I don't know much about amps unfortunately so my best guess is that I need to replace the tubes but I was hoping to get some advice from more knowledgeable members in the community here. Any help would be appreciated! I need it operational soon!

i feel obliged to comment that it will be very hard to give good advice to your problem. there is just not enough info to go on.
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I would get a new matched set of power tubes and try that. You need a back up pair at all times anyway.

If you still have volume problems after that then I'd take it to a tech.

You could also try swapping some preamp tubes around.
Sorry for the lack of information, I don't know enough about the hardware to really know what I need to include.
Did you try turning it loud without the rest of the band playing?
If you turn it up without anyone else playing and it is hear-shatteringly loud, then it is your EQ.

Strictly based on your amp, I'm assuming you play metal. Just a rule of thumb:
Scooped mids = Drowned out in mix.
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sorry to hijack, but in my case would I be scooping mids?
On lead channel: high 12-1 o'clock, mid 12-1 o'clock, low 10 o'clock, gain 8 o'clock.
I'm liking the tone though, so it's not an issue, just being curious.
No scooping the mids is when the mids are set to a lower level than the lows and highs.

TS I agree with 311 sounds like you need some power-tubes
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"Scooping" the mids on that amp will still give you more mids than many other amps. 12 O'clock is definitely not "scooped" -- that's what I call BOOSTED mids. I run the mids on mine at about 4 out of 10. There would still be plenty of cut in a band situation if I turned the amp's mids down to 2. Of course, I also run a Tubescreamer and an MXR 10-band EQ with some of the lower mids boosted a bit and also a slight upper-mid spike. I've found that the amp sounds a little "boxy" for my taste when the "middle" mids are not dialed back a bit.

TS, I'd say your power tubes are going. If you're running the stock Rubys that it came with, well, they sound like crap anyway. You should NEVER have to run that amp full-bore. I have run my post-gain (volume) at 5 before and I doubt I'd even have been able to hear a drummer at all...

Throw some JJs in there. Be happy.
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Exactly my thoughts too, 5 is usually where I would keep it for playing with the band and it was damn loud. Thanks for the response!

Also I don't scoop the mids, I believe I usually have it somewhere around 6-7/10 but it has had trouble cutting through before but I suppose that could be a sign of the same problem.
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