Im looking at getting a second orange amp head, I already own a TH30 but want something more portable for both gigging and recording on a regular basis.
That's why im looking at these two 'lunchbox' sized amps. I play in a metal band but at home im more into a weezer type tone, my TH30 can cover all that but I want a slightly different flavour for recording to, thats why i don't want to get the dark terror (same voicing).
So what it comes down to really is does anyone have experience with these amps to know if the OR15 can cut it for metal and really shine over the jim root for rock or if there's enough versatility in the Jim Root whilst not being redundant in a recording situation with me having a TH30?
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I liked the OR15 better than the #4, but I only played each for 10 min at a GC
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I work at an Orange dealer and have had chance to play both reasonably extensively. I personally prefer the or15. But I'm a blues player. The #4 is much stiffer and I think would suit you better. It cleans surprisingly well with the gain rolled back, but it's not a crystal clean tone, it's basically a slightly ballsier rockerverb dirty channel.

The #4 will cover everything from edgy cleanish tones through to all-balls metal. The OR15 will not do metal. That should probably make your decision for you if you want to gig with it.
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I have the OR15, its a great amp. The reason i choose it over an orange terror type of amp is the 3 band eq and the classic british tone. it has a great tone with a lot of harmonics and sweet bass ends.

However it depends on your type of metal and of your configuration as a guitar player. Its a one Channel amp there is not much clean headroom unless you use a signal reducer. So if you have clean parts with your band you'd have to bring another amp to the gig..

You can get a good thrash metal tone out of it, theres plenty of gain, but it starts to have some buzz sounds when you set it into the highest gain stage (but my appartment has a bad electrical isolation).

Its definately an amp with a singular tone. Your choice depends on what music you play and wether or not you ready to have a 1 Channel amp!
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