The band is Angeldark, you can find a streaming player on their site. Google Angeldark web and it should be the first link. I can't post a direct link to their site because it is blocked when I post it.

I started a thread over a year ago and it had 130+ views and no replies. Could someone check them out and tell me what they think their guitars are tuned to? I would appreciate it.
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Drop D probably? I think I heard a low C somewhere but most of their chugs from what I could tell were D.
Just try to learn as many of their songs as you can and it will become clear, or find a video of the guitarist playing.

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sound like E standard, like most power metal, they don't use any tricks associated with drop tuning, and play mostly on the A string, I'm pretty sure there's no alternate tuning, but if there is its standard just lowered
Thanks everyone. I figured it was around that kind of tuning but wanted to check with some other people first. Trying to get into tabbing by ear and this will help me out.