So I'm in my schools chorus and I sing bass, right now I can consistently and audibly sing an Eb under the staff. A few of the songs we are doing this year require the basses to sing a low D, and I can sing that some times and usually not for very long. How do I lower my range to be able to consistently and audibly hit that?
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honestly, yawning is one of the best things to do for your vocals, especially for lowering your range. it stretches and relaxes your throat, and opens your air passage to help you breathe from your diaphragm better; and the best thing for singing low is loose, relaxed vocal chords.

the reason our voices are deeper in the mornings and at night is because we are tired and our chords are relaxed. just remember to keep your throat relaxed. also, stress from ordinary things throughout the day can make you tense up, including your throat muscles, so try to stay stress free

TLDR: yawn, stretch your throat, and relax!
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