Hi guys, i'm willing to buy a guitar.

The Washburn is Washburn Mercury made in Korea in 1995.
Secondhand price is $165

The Ibanez is Ibanez Gio GRGX40.
Second hand price is $135

Seller says, the Washburn is in a good condition, And the Ibanez is like a new one.

So what do you think, which one to buy and why?
What's your budget and favorite artists?

Is this going to be your first guitar? Do you have an amp yet?
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I wouldn't buy either. What genres do you like? What kind of amp do you have or are you going to get?

If you want to buy an Ibanez you should look at models that are better than their gio series. Having started on Ibby's I would recommend getting one in the price range of their Rg470 or S470 at least. This would give you a decent guitar to learn on for a couple of years.
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Save your money. Both are really poorly made, mass produced junk. You should save your money and get into a guitar you can grow with, even if just for a little while.
I hear good things about Yamaha Pacificas in your price range.

Post your budget, music you like to play, etc.