I just ran into this video demo of Tom Anderson Mongrel,
but the stuff the guy plays just sounds really good to me (I know he is just noodling around, but he has to be noodling around SOME chord progression or scales)

I have zero experience in this whole fusion/jazzy style playing, and I'm not even sure if he IS playing fusion/jazz

Is there anyone here that can guide me into this kind of stuff?
Who/what to listen to, what chords are used, what scales are used, anything really...

I see there is one comment under the video with the names of bunch of artists, but they don't quite sound like what I hear in this video... unless I'm not listening to the right song
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any exact part? there are far better guys than me at theory here (posting in the "musician talk" forum, assuming it's ok to post stuff like this there, might be a better idea for a start), but those chords at the start sound like minor 7ths. they're used a fair bit in jazz. the wee widdly bit around those chords sounds a bit like putting in the 4th as well, which also sounds fairly jazzy.



Something like that, that sounds fairly jazzy to my ears anyway (those chord shapes are movable, by the way). He does more chords later in the piece, other jazzy-type chords- major 7ths, minor 7ths are often used in jazz. Also more altered chords, e.g. minor7b5, major7b5 etc.

Disclaimer: I don't play jazz, so don't quote me on anything I posted there. And also i massively simplified what he's playing there because i suck
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