Like I said in my previous thread I wanted to get a good tone out of my DS1. And I've decided to do the Keeley mod to it. I found a guy in a nearby city that makes pedal clones (mainly tube screamers, and they look good + really good price). When I mailed him about modding the pedal, he said that he does mods, but he had to check how to do the Keeley one. He hasn't mailed me the price or if he could do the mod. Should I trust him to do a good job? (in any case it's better if I don't mod it lol)

The second option is buying a new distortion pedal. I'm really satisfied with the DS1 tone for soloing, but for playing power chords.. it sounds like kicking a tin can
I just can't get the proper sound for making riffs or playing rythym during verses and stuff like that with the DS1. Does someone have a recommendation? I heard a ProCo RAT 2 and it sounds a lot like the sound I want but it's kinda pricy (at least in my country).

The sound I want is the Marshally one that Tom Morello has on his riffs, Gn'R, AC/DC etc.
Here's one example:

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I don't see why not getting your DS-1 modded - it sounds waaaaay better than the stock one.

If he's famous for building stuff he'll most likely know how to do that, and I don't really know why you wouldn't trust him.
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i could do the keeley mod and i suck at building pedal circuits. i can't tell you what you want to do, but the keeley mod is pretty simple for anyone with any kind of electronics experience (the hardest part of the mod is drilling a new hole for the LED).
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What amp do you have?

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does your stock ds1 sound fine through your fender 85? mine sounded horrible stock, acceptable only at certain knob positions after the mod.
I guess they don't relate really well, the ds1 keeley now does great with my laney ironheart, while the 85 accepts any ts/mxr zakk wylde od just fine.

The mod is definitely worthy though.
I have no complaint on the soloing part, it really serves me well through my amp. But I want more low end, to give it that Marshall power for riffs and such. That's my only problem with it.

I'll do the mod then anyway, I can't replace it (the little orange sucker has really grown on me lol)
I got the response from the guy today. He's only gonna charge me 14 $ O.o . Although a lot of services like this one in my country aren't expensive, they're usually near this price. But I'm still suspicious if he knows how to do the mod if it's that cheap (I know Keeley charges 75 $).
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How do you get the solo tone in terms of knobs? I'm curious, maybe you got it right and I didn't

Is this guy charging you 14$ + parts or 14$ altogether? Anyway, if you can play guitar you can 100% do this mod by yourself, so don't expect high prices from technicians. The Keeley's 75$ for that work is very, very overpriced if you ask me.
The soloing really depends on what you prefer. I like sustain, and this pedal's got it. I never put the tone knob over 10 o'clock. Everything is up to the distortion knob. I play rock/funk/blues so any setting with the distortion works for me, but it's usually above 12 o' clock. My most frequent setting was Tone: 9 o' clock and distortion 2-3 o 'clock. Fiddle around with it, maybe you'll find an awesome sound.

He's charging me 14$ altogether. But yeah you're right about the price. I will send it to him and hope he does it well.
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