hello all, iam looking for an amp under 200 just to praitce on.
i have it down to 2 amps the viper and the mustang.
iam finally geting my guitar this week i ordered it yesterday its a strat copy.
when i get better i will be playing rock, some metal like zep & sabbath some blues.
so plz help me thanks
For that, the vypyr would be a better choice if you ask me, hough, you may want to save a bit more and get a used Vypyr Tube 60.
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I think that the Vypyr has a better UI. The Mustang doesn't have a Mids knob, and that really bothers me. It can be edited digitally, but that makes it kind of useless if you need to do on the fly adjusting, like if you're playing with other people for instance.

The VIP can also handle bass, which is nice. I've spent some time with the VIP 3, and the bass sound isn't great, and it's pretty picky about what kind of bass pups it'll take well, but at the end of the day, it's a practice amp, and IMO it's an extremely nice feature to at least be able to play bass and guitar in one small package.

This is coming from the point of view of someone who has nice big amps as well though, so... YMMV.
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Thanks and sorry I posted this I did not see the peavey viper thread