Hey guys, does anyone here play acoustic like andy mckee, john gomm etc?

I recently managed to learn drifting to a pretty good standard.

There are a couple of dance songs i would love to try and learn on acoustic in this way if it is possible? Does anyone know?

The songs are:
Royksopp - Poor Leno
Moderat - Bad Kingdom

I know it won't be possible to get them exactly the same, but if anyone knows if it would be possible to get these to a good standard on guitar i would be very greatful for any help offered.

Its been ages since i've played drums so if anyone has any pointers on figuring out drum beats on guitar too that would be very helpful. I'm pretty new to this style of playing and think it sounds amazing.

Cheers people.
I can play in that style a decent amount. I'm not familiar with either song you noted, but after a quick listen, I think the way to play them would be pretty obvious. Chords, melody, real obvious bass/snare. They're absolutely do-able in that style. How YOU interpret and want it to come across is all up to you.

Also, things don't need to be the "exact same". With many covers, you either need to do them dead on, or very different. Very different can be very cool, if you're doing your own version, changing the chords a bit or even the style of it. If you try to cover exactly, and don't get it close, then it just sounds "wrong". Different can sometimes be a better option.

Just my opinion.
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The best approach would be to put the songs on and keep playing until something good happens. It will probably help to hit random notes that work and figure out what key it's in somewhere along the lines. Eventually, you'll get there.
Hey OP, I'm trying to learn this style of playing too. How did you go about teaching yourself this playing style? Are there any tutorials online out there? Thanks!
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