Hello everyone. I'm new here and I have a question. I'm just beginning to learn guitar (I seriously just picked it up for the first time about an hour ago) and trying to play a few chords... But I'm unsure if I'm playing then right. I mean, they SOUND good, but they don't sound exactly like the examples I've listened to. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, but I know like different guitars and strings and such make it sound different... So how do I know if I'm playing them right? I did check and even double checked that I had my fingers on the right strings and frets, and the other ones were open. But, I also know there's a bunch of different ways to play the chords, so I just really don't know how I can tell if I'm doing it right... Could someone help me?
don't worry about the different variations of a chord. just concentrate on the Majors. C D A G etc... then once you have them down, the minors come in... Am, Em etc...
there's an excellent source online called Justinguitar.com . you can check it out on youtube. it has some very good beginner lessons and songs that will help you immensely without getting discouraged.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Okay, I'm not actually worrying about chords other than like the majors... I was more saying with that I didn't know if the chord they played in the example was exactly the same or a variation, and that's why mine sounds different.
I found a song I know really well that's really simple, and I've even heard my friend and play it on her guitar. But when I played the chords on mine, they didn't sound quite right... And I don't know why. Is there something else that would make it sound different? Like does how hard you press down change the sound? It made weird buzzing when I strummed at one point, or it would sound like all the strings weren't vibrating.. And I don't know what I did to change that and make it sound better; I didn't like move my fingers, as far as I know. Even if my fingers are on the right strings and frets and the other ones are open, could the chords sound different if someone with a different guitar played it vs me playing it? If that makes any sense...
hmm... well, the buzzing is probably from incorrect fingering of the string/fret. i would check to see that the guitar is in tune also. depending on the quality of the instrument, you may be tuning it often or just once in a while.
the only thing that will correct the buzzing is time. it takes a few weeks of practice to get a lot of the chords down. time also allows callouses to grow on your fingertips making playing SO SO much easier. my G/f only plays hers for about 20 minutes a week and will probably never get past where you are now sadly.... sigh.
i suggest you keep at it and please come back in a few weeks and give us a progress report( ughh...homework).
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Other than that which Stepchild has mentioned, are you sure the damned thing is exactly in tune?

If you're not fretting correctly you can also cause the strings to bend by accident, which would alter the tuning.

You need callouses on your fingers. After you get them, (a few other technical aspects of fingering properly being respected), the buzzing should start to go away.

BTW, the demeanor your post sort of implies that you thought you were just going to pick up the guitar and be able to play it. That really doesn't happen,here in "Not Kansas", or not elsewhere.
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