Can't really place a genre on it but it feels like it'd have some angsty emo vocals, yet kind of reminds me of Chiodos or Circa Survive even though the biggest influence was probably Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate). It feels solid to me, but probably has some malleability so I was hoping for some feedback on ways it could be better/changed. I really like doing longer songs, but this one doesn't much feel like it could be longer with how I've currently got it.

Anyways, I always crit back.
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I thought it was a great piece. It was catchy, and struck emotion inside me. I wouldn't change a thing, and this isn't my cup of tea, genre wise.
I think it's fantastic. My only gripe was that I thought it ended abruptly. I felt like it should have a more permanent ending.
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aw, thanks man! it means a lot. I completely agree about the ending, I couldn't ever figure out what to do so that's what I did. I'm going to work on it a bit more.
Not exactly my genre, but It's put together well. I don't really like the lead over bar 26 to 41, but I can see how it's meant to be more of an undertone for vocals. The part between 42-57 is probably my favorite out of the song, and I'm a sucker for harmonies. The syncopation (I think?) of the guitars between 82-97 is also very cool. Overall it's great from a musical standpoint, but as I said, don't listen to much of this genre, so it is difficult for me to find flaws in something I don't know.

Yes, poop.