Midi covers!
The way you arrange the riffs themselves is good, adapting the chords and setting it up so that the chromatic instruments carry the melody instead of the drums. Next, use more patches! Sonatina is a soundfont, if I remember correctly, try to use patches other than the string ensemble.
On the mixing front, the volume spikes like mad at 1:42, try to avoid that, either with compression or setting the velocities.
The part at 4:09 translates into this sort of thing really well. Those layered arps sound great on strings.
Thanks for your input. I wanted to challenge myself by only using strings but next time I'll use horns as well whenever I do another symphony cover. And I'm too broke to buy any $400 symphony sample packs so I'm stuck with the one I have. Yeah that volume spike at 1:42 was a velocity change to show the break in the song. My apologies if it hurt your ears.
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Very cool idea to do this, I love Dead Eternity and is really interesting to hear it done in a genuinely different way. You've done a good job of arranging everything to a completely different format. Like Cavalcade said, it would be good to hear it done with a wider variety of instruments to give it a bit more textural variety. Nice work anyway.