I currently own a Mackie 1642 VLZ3 and im looking to sell it for a smaller mixer. I dont record as much as i used to and im looking to downgrade, yet upgrade if that makes sense...

Im currently looking at a Mackie 1402 VLR4 but i am open to suggestions.
My only caution with the mackie is that i would want to work it hands on before buying it.
i will be using it for voiceovers, vocals, bass and guitar. i was looking at 6 channels, and my chain is basically mic-> cable -> (tube pre -> cable-> board -> snake cable -> Saffire pro 40
Why exactly do you need a mixer in the first place, then?
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Allen&Heath ZED FX10

Check it out. Probably the best small sized mixing board I've used, and it's incredible for live (and still does dat recording).

Think: Handing the sound guy an output cable and you're done in most situations. There's also the ZED-18 ($599) if you're not finding enough inputs on the 10, but either one can sit on an end-table close to back stage and be used as your own sound mixing for a gig. I've found it to be the best solution to the age-old problem of having a sound tech either make you sound beautiful or make you sound like garbage. It puts you in control. You can seriously hand most sound guys (unless they have their head up their asses) a left and right output to feed through a venue's monitors. It helps to buy the guy a couple of beers and tell him to sit back and enjoy the show. It also cuts down 'sound check' by quite a bit as long as you did a nice job EQing everyone beforehand.

On the recording side, it seems to work fantastic with ALMOST any setup. The only one I had trouble getting to work was through a Macbook Pro using Ableton (although it worked using Ableton through a PC). I would need more info on your computer specs to say what would or wouldn't work there.
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