Having a good time.
Someone around here made a recommendation to another forum member that he should record himself playing and use that to check his technique. I figured it wouldn't hurt for me to try it too. I recorded myself playing bits of just about everything i've learned so far.

I am bad but i was surprised to find that i didn't sound quite as bad as i thought i did. It was cool.

Just wanted to share. I knew almost nothing when i started.
Cool man. Now record yourself after your first year and then another time after two years, then wait till you're about 5 years in. Your jaw will drop.

As an example, I used to work with a friend on music and he still has a few covers I did a while back (about 2 years playing) and another friends had recordings done about a year ago. I'm 7 years in now, and even listening to the stuff from a year ago makes me laugh at how bad I was back then. The funniest part was that I thought I was really ****ing amazing every one of those times. I still think I'm great.

Anyway, I guess the point is, is that recording yourself at certain points (especially playing the same piece) can really boost your confidence and really show you what a year or years can do in terms of playing. I think it's important and that you should continue to record yourself. Cheers! :P
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Thanks bruddah!

I am happy to hear that you can improve that much between year 6 and 7. I am too early in my learning to really understand that I think. It makes sense but I can't relate to it yet. Someday.

It already helped a surprising amount. I didn't know this yesterday, but the main thing I noticed is how bad it sounds when I'm fumbling around the frets with my left hand, trying to get a chord. But also how good it sounds (relatively speaking) when I don't stress about the frets as much and keep the right hand strumming in time.

So today I was much more consistent with my right hand and now it sounds like I'm a bad amateur rather than a total beginner. PROGRESS!
40 days congrats,I still have no guitar I have been haveing bad back pain.
I been going to PT but its not working so how canines joy a guitar when I have pain
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Remember that as you get better, your standards also get higher.

I used to get discouraged sometimes. There were times when I used to think I wasn't improving at all but then you remember how you were a year or two ago, or even a few months ago and you realise that in the past you would have only dreamt of being able to play as you do right now.
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