So I used the handy dandy search bar and came up short. In my opinion, there isn't nearly enough love for Loudon Wainwright III here on UG.

Since 1971, Loudon has been releasing some pretty incredible, and sometimes pretty silly folk music. He may be most known for his novelty songs such as "IWIWAL" (I Wish I Was A Lesbian) and "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road", but he's also written some absolutely beautiful, more seriously toned songs.

When I was just a young'un, I can remember my dad playing a cassette tape for me in our old '93 Ford Explorer. It was Loudon's "Career Moves" live album. For over a decade after that, a couple songs kept themselves buried in the back of my mind, causing my to search for and find the tape just a week or so ago. "Road Ode", "Unhappy Anniversary" and "Your Mother and I" are three of my favorites.

Through the power of the internet, I've been listening to him more and more since I rediscovered Career Moves. I'd say that he competes closely with Warren Zevon's "Lawyers Guns and Money" for the title of "Best Opening Lines in a Song"...His song "Nice Guys" starts out with this:

"I know great set of train tracks, I'd gladly tie you to them girl
I might grow me a mustache, just to have me somethin' to twirl"

I've figured out how to play "Unhappy Anniversary" and "Road Ode" on the guitar, I'll be posting chords/lyrics for them as soon as I can

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