I'm building my own Jaguar. It's based on the 50th Anniversary, the Thinline, and the Johnn Marr.

From each, I'm going to take the following:

50th Anniversary - Trem moved forward to increase the angle, the bound and block neck, the burgundy metallic mist paint.

Thinline - The semi-hollow aspect.

Johnny Marr - The wiring.

Anyways, I have a guy making the body for me and I went with swamp ash.

The question is pickups.
I used to have a regular Jaguar, and I enjoyed it, but that's not what I'm going for with this guitar.

I'm going for pronounced, clean, warm.
I'd basically be using for... I don't know. Softer stuff. Softer post-rock, and the occasional soft blues.

So, I need to let the guy know what to rout the pickups for.


Yes, I could just get a jazzmaster, but I prefer the short scale and extra fret.
i wouldn't go P90's. i love the sound, but they aren't very versatile.

i can only really tell you what i'd do in your situation and then you decide for yourself, but i'd either go single coils and get a set of fralin or suhr pickups or i'd find some nice HB's that i could coil tap (so i could go SC or HB).
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seriously recommend the johnny marr single coils, handwound by BKP here in the UK. by far the best jag pickups I've played with.
Thinking about it, as far as the route goes, I'm just going to have it routed for Jazzmasters. That way, if I ever want to try P90s, humbuckers, or singles, it'll be an easy fit in... save for the having to buy a whole other pickguard thing...

Question still is, which do I go for at first. I'm thinking Lollar Jazzmasters?