I recently (temporarily) moved to the USA
I decided to buy a vintage pedal , I purchased a
Electro-Harmonix EH-5000 Ring modulator from the 1980's
It arrived, I cried with joy then ... Pulled the wire out.
It's an American plug on the end , great for now , obviously problematic when I return to United Kingdom.
So , my question is , could I 'convert' the pedal to a standard 9 volt Tip that'd work in the UK? Or is the option of a step up transformer my only option?
Obviously I'd prefer it if It can be converted , but either way I shall love it.
Pics? Does it plug directly into the wall or is there a jack for a wallwart? If it plugs straight into the wall then you'll need to replace the power transformer inside the unit. Assuming it steps the 120v mains down to 9v, you'll need to get one that steps 240v (or whatever your country's mains voltage is) down to 9v. It'd be a good idea to keep the original pt somewhere safe for if you ever sell the pedal.

If it uses an adapter then just find a new 9v adapter when you get back to your home country.

Either way the conversion process is very simple.
It's a plug directly into the wall !
So it could be converted ?
Would it be one of those jobs where it sounds easy but isn't it is it fairly simple to do ?
120v is the nominal US line voltage. Not 110v. The tolerance is +/- 5% so anywhere from 114v to 126v will be the actual line voltage measured anywhere in the country.

Anyway, what I was saying is replace the pedals internal PT with a 240v unit, say a 240v to 9v step-down. Since you'd be running on 50Hz power rather than 60Hz, you may or may not notice extra mains hum in the pedal. If you do, just replace the first filter cap with a slightly larger value.

What WeZ-84 is saying is to leave the pedal totally unmodified and power it with an external 240v to 120v step-down, plugging the pedal's line cord into that. I don't know if that converter also converts line frequency so the thing about the filter cap stands.

The conversion is going to be very easy either way, but I like my way better because you won't have to lug around and keep track of extra stuff.
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